Practice Staff – Vaccination Team

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As we move to the Westmorland Shopping we are using the National Protocol, which separates the roles.   Please sign up and let us know what role you’d be interested in.  Any staff can be trained as vaccinators.  Please be aware the roles are different to what has been used so far

Role Descriptions

1. GP – Responsible for Clinic Session, primary role will be consenting patients and answering questions after admin team have asked clinical suitability questions (£65/hr)

2. Nurse / Pharmacist – Consent, Drawing up Vaccine and supervising Non-Medical Vaccinators (Prescribers £28/hr, non-prescribers £22/hr)

3. HCA (vaccinating and record keeping) (£15.50/hr)

4. Non-Medical Vaccinator (Open to admin staff, training will be provided).  This role will be split between admin in Pinnacle and vaccinating (£15.50/hr)

5. Admin (Record keeping in Pinnacle, and asking the clinical suitability questions) (£15.50/hr)

6. Clinic Manager (Focal point for administration issues for clinic) (£19/hr)


Practice Staff - Vaccination Team
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